Fare Error Detector Micro-App: Prevent revenue leakage and enhance customer experience

By Martin Jones

The following infographic depicts a real-life scenario illustrating exactly how Sabre Intelligence Exchange Micro-Apps can help your airline prevent revenue leakage and enhance the passenger experience — enabling you to deliver on your brand promise to customers. Discover how this intuitive Intelligence Exchange Micro-App enables your airline to rapidly sense and respond to erroneously filed airfares, taking immediate remedial action that not only saves your airline millions of dollars, but also helps avoid a PR catastrophe – something all too common in the industry today. Click the link below to more closely examine how the Fare Error Detector Micro-App can help drive your airline on its journey to digital transformation.

Shrikanth Koppal

For additional information about the Fare Error Detector Micro-App or any of Sabre’s Micro-Apps, contact Shrikanth Koppal, project management senior principal. Shrikanth is responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the Sabre Intelligence Exchange. He is an experienced product leader with more than nine years of experience in managing enterprise solutions in the travel and financial services sectors. He holds a master’s of business administration degree in strategy and operations from the University of Texas at Dallas, and is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.